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Solar-powered water breeds life in the Turkmenistan desert

In a Turkmenistan desert, renovating a water system and bringing in solar energy aims to bring the livestock back to a new landscape.  

In Serbia, climate change forces a new reality

In Serbia, temperatures are rising and extreme weather events means both flooding and severe droughts. For those who make their living off the land and sea, climate change is forcing a new reality.  

Climate change adaptation in Europe and Central Asia

The publication explores lessons learned from over a decade of working with local and national governments to build and implement climate change adaptation projects in the region.  

Crowdfunding is not (only) about the money

If you need just money, go to the bank and don’t use crowdfunding. Use crowdfunding if you need awareness building, campaigning, initiating debate, attract other funders and build up your…  

Quit your idling! Welcome to MonteGreen

The beautiful Montenegrin seaside border towns of Tivat and Herceg Novi have it all: sun, sand and the Adriatic coastline.  

German Government, GEF, and UNDP partner to create largest global fund for ICCAs

Germany has donated $16 million for the creation of a global fund for areas conserved by indigenous peoples and local communities known as ICCAs.  

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