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Web Summit to license its conference software

Today, Web Summit announced it will license its proprietary conference software, and revealed its first ever customer: the United Nations Development Programme.  

Public finance reform in Moldova forges ahead, with Slovak support

Mentor programme leverages support from Slovakia, which aims to achieve 400 million EUR worth of public savings.  

Polish development cooperation

Saving the Black Sea monster

The Black Sea has always made my imagination go wild. Its darkness is unlike any other sea, so you can only imagine what is happening at the bottom of it. In my childhood, I believed a mythical…  

In Brussels, support for Roma integration gets a boost

The European Union (EU), UNDP, the World Bank (WB) and the Council of Europe (CoE) launched three new projects to support Roma integration in the Western Balkans and Turkey.  

UNDP and Japan: Building security in Europe and CIS

Japan are guided by the principle of human security; which provides a very useful lens for conducting deeper analyses of the root causes of insecurity, and for addressing the needs and capacity…  

South-south summit concludes with appeal for increased collaboration among developing countries

Breaking the old paradigm of “North-South” development support, the United Nations has, for the 8th year in a row, convened a global expo of South-South development, this time hosted by the United…  

Summit calls for greater solidarity among countries of the Global South

Countries in the Europe and CIS region have been working together actively to find the most effective solutions towards boosting economic growth and eliminating poverty.  

The World Humanitarian Summit: A Pivot Point in Philanthropy’s Contribution to Addressing Humanitarian Crises

This paper calls on the philanthropic community to take advantage of the opportunity offered by the first World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) in Istanbul in May 2016 to make important changes in the way…  

A new regional partnership targets disaster risk reduction

A new initiative between UNDP and Central European University is exploring how the use of technology can potentially reduce disaster risk.  

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