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Toolkit takes climate action from classroom to courtyard

The Climate Box toolkit teaches climate action to youth and takes it from the classroom to the courtyard.  

New language, new life: A Syrian woman makes home in Turkey

After being displaced by the war in Syria, Alaa finds learning a new language the key to making a new home in Turkey.  

Two sisters coding for a better world

Two sisters take on the tech movement in Uzbekistan with their Down Syndrome support app.  

When science, farming and youth converge

Noting the mismatched labour market demand and supply of specialists trained in animal husbandry, a new curriculum gives youth opportunities for future work and a better environment in Azerbaijan's…  

Life on the edge in Georgia

An initiative in the Shida Kartli region of Georgia, that borders the conflict divide with South Ossetia, is helping people find stability, economic growth, and hope for the future.  

Goal 4: Quality education

Energy poverty is a big deal in Romania – here’s how we’re helping

Around 42 percent of the Romanian population cannot pay their utility bills. 25 percent of the households are unable to keep their homes adequately warm. Across the country, approximately 30% of the…  

In FYR Macedonia, a mechanic becomes an exemplary baker

In Macedonia, UNDP's self-employment programme is boosting the participation of Roma women and men in the economy.  

Decade of Roma Inclusion: Progress report

This report provides an overview of progress made in the course of the 2005-2015 Decade of Roma inclusion.  

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