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Montenegro gives progress the green light

In Montenegro, small actions taken by individuals and supported by UNDP, are helping to temper development with environmentally-friendly solutions.  

We need sustainable cities in Turkmenistan – so we created a roadmap to get there

No city has achieved sustainability yet, but we are taking lessons from around the world to create solutions for Turkmenistan's urban centers.  

We offered discounts in Kazakhstan for energy-efficient fridges. Here’s what happened next

In Kazakhstan, we decided to offer discounts to people wishing to buy energy-efficient appliances. We partnered with retailers and recycling companies and launched a special discount campaign to…  

UNDP, solar currency exchange to power up Moldovan university

UNDP is teaming up with Sun Exchange – a marketplace that finances solar power with cryptocurrency – to help one of Moldova’s largest universities go solar.  

Here comes the sun… to relieve you from the burden of electricity bills

In Moldova, where around 74 percent of the energy is imported and in the last five years the energy prices increased by more than 50 percent, solar energy has high potential.  

Croatia: How crowdfunding helped us go green

Hooray! We have officially completed the first big step towards making a school in Croatia energy independent. A few months ago, with US$15,000 of seed funding from the UNDP in Bratislava Regional…  

Video: A new school generates energy in Turkey

Constructing a new energy efficient school building in Turkey changed the lives of construction workers.  

Cihan Sultanoğlu: speech at the Opening of the UN section of the International Organizations Exhibit, EXPO 2017

Remarks of the UN Assistant Secretary-General, UNDP Assistant Administrator and Director of the Regional Bureau for Europe and the CIS, UN Commissioner-General for EXPO Cihan Sultanoğlu, at the…  

Saving the forests of Georgia – one vine shoot at a time

At biomass plant, a mass of vine shoots is sent through a briquetting device, which gets transformed into blocks and becomes the perfect substitute for coal and other fossil fuels.  

UNDP, Council of Europe Development Bank to boost Development Goals in Europe

UNDP and the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) agreed to extend their cooperation for another five years, aiming to scale up their support for achieving the SDGs in Southeastern Europe, Turkey,…  

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