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30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, how far have Eastern Europe's youth come?

Born in an age of uncertainty, young people in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Ukraine and Georgia reflect on patriotism, freedom and opportunity.  

People with disabilities want a chance to shine, not your pity

The public and private sector come together for a career fair geared towards people with disabilities, the first of its kind in Turkmenistan.  

Meet the heroes of the transparency movement

From developing apps to reforming laws, these change-makers are working across Europe and Central Asia to make governments more open and accountable.  

How one man’s struggle led to a health care success in Ukraine

From one man's struggle to manage his leukemia treatment to sweeping changes in medical procurement - the landscape of health care access in Ukraine has dramatically shifted.  

Creating Islands of Integrity around the Black Sea

Islands have been emerging recently around Eastern and Central Europe. But they’re not common islands at all - they are actually cities. We see these cities standing out as “island” enclaves of…  

New 10 million EUR initiative to help boost citizen engagement across the Western Balkans

The UNDP and the EU launched an ambitious programme, ReLOaD, to substantially increase the involvement of civil society organizations in local development efforts while improving transparency in the…  

New technologies improve municipal services through Albanian "One Stops Shops"

In Albania, local government units are using locally developed open source software to foster One Stop Shop services for citizens.  

Grassroots women ask for accountability in Turkey

A group of women in Turkey have taken a successful lead to transform their neighbourhood.  

Tajikistan: From reconstruction to development

Nearly twenty years after the end of its brutal civil war, Tajikistan has been able to avoid total collapse and seems to be enjoying levels of development not seen since the Soviet era.  

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