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Summit provides glimpse of tomorrow's governments

In Georgia, powerful calls for public service excellence come as star robot takes the stage, highlighting AI’s potential for government efficiency and transparency.  

Effective government requires transparency and integrity, says UNDP

The OGP will review 2,500 governance-related commitments made by 70 participating countries and 15 subnational governments. It will also examine issues such as promoting women leaders, boosting open…  

Creating Islands of Integrity around the Black Sea

Islands have been emerging recently around Eastern and Central Europe. But they’re not common islands at all - they are actually cities. We see these cities standing out as “island” enclaves of…  

It takes a village: Pensioners demand justice in Moldova

After the break-up of the Soviet Union, the archives of enterprises, or even of entire villages, perished. Thousands of people have paid social contributions, but as pension reform in Moldova drags…  

New technologies improve municipal services through Albanian "One Stops Shops"

In Albania, local government units are using locally developed open source software to foster One Stop Shop services for citizens.  

Georgia: Achieving Electoral Democracy

UNDP’s election support has focused on three major components of credible elections: qualified electoral administrations, improving electoral legislation and informing and involving voters.  

Something to be excited about: Opening up parliament in Georgia

Georgia has become the first country in the South Caucasus to subscribe to the Open Parliament principles and promote legislative openness.  

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