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Hope restored – a good start for a new Armenia

Nare Ghalamkaryan, 18, studies communications at the American University of Armenia. In spring of 2018, she took part in the “velvet revolution.” Later, in December of the same year, Nare voted in the…  

City Experiment Fund: The System Transformation Our Cities Need

Cities occupy only about 2% of Earth’s land area, but house between 60-85% of the world population. At a time of accelerated change, cities are emerging as leaders.  

The future of human mobility

To be ready for the future of human mobility, we need to start changing our thinking about it now. While doing so, here are four things to keep in mind.  

All young people deserve the chance to dream

We often say everyone deserves to have the same opportunities, and everyone should be given a chance to follow their dreams. But what does that actually mean? Is that just a bunch of words we say…  

Three lessons I’ve learned from building peace as a young person

Being from Kosovo, and growing up in the 90s, I know intimately the development challenges that arise post-conflict. Rebuilding societies torn apart by conflict is more than just about silencing guns.…  

Fixing landmarks, mending relationships

On World Heritage Day, we're taking you on a tour of some of our restored sites in Cyprus and Kosovo*, where we're bringing communities together to restore public monuments.  

Apostolos Andreas Monastery: a symbol of peace and cooperation in Cyprus

Apostolos Andreas Monastery has always been a glorious landmark of Cyprus. Now, thanks to a bi-communal restoration project, it is set to become a symbol of peace and co-operation between the Greek…  

Working on shared heritage bringing Cypriots across the island together

UNDP's cultural heritage restoration work in Cyprus is bringing Cypriots across the divide together.  

The long road to prosperity in Kosovo*

The recent news out of Kosovo has been bleak. The tensions between the ruling coalition and opposition is growing, while public protests against recent agreements with Serbia and Montenegro have…  

Tajikistan: From reconstruction to development

Nearly twenty years after the end of its brutal civil war, Tajikistan has been able to avoid total collapse and seems to be enjoying levels of development not seen since the Soviet era.  

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