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The most read blogs of 2020 are about…(surprise!) Covid-19

From gender equality to human rights, climate change to the economy — one topic covered our top blogs this year: Covid-19  

We need to talk about how Covid-19 is affecting human rights

As the pandemic rages on, here are four areas of growing concern for human rights.  

The hidden pandemic: Firearms and intimate partner violence killing women

COVID-19 has exposed women trapped in their homes with abusive partners to higher risk of violence, but the presence of firearms makes this even more dangerous.  

Amidst Coronavirus pandemic, UNDP rings the alarm on domestic violence

Coronavirus pandemic is having a heavy toll on the safety and security of many women. UNDP Albania is working to improve support to survivors of domestic violence.  

A signature solution to arms control

Over 20 millions citizens in South East Europe are now living in a safer region as a result of a UNDP - EU partnership which has been building confidence in the region for the last 15 years.  

Blockchain research to support Sustainable Development Goals

UNDP is partnering with Blockchain, the world’s leading software platform for digital assets, UNHCR and the World Economic Forum to explore the use of block chain technology for development.  

On the challenge of secure, but open borders

As part of my job, I get to travel across the Europe and Central Asian region and sometimes beyond. But as much as I love experiencing new cultures, traditions, languages or cuisines, unfortunately my…  

Climate change and security in Europe and Central Asia

This series of studies considers a broad range of perceived risks of climate change and security, across Central Asia, South Caucasus and cross regionally.  

Going “Back to the Future” only works in Hollywood

Across Europe there is a risk that nationalism, protectionism and populism will usher back in an era where ‘fearing thy neighbour’ once again becomes a defining characteristic of our policy making.  

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