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What's happening to the middle class in Eastern Europe?

When the Berlin wall fell, much of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia collapsed into hyperinflation and armed conflict. Millions of people in the new countries that emerged from the transition were…  

UNDP report: Middle class increasingly at risk in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

While the middle-income countries of Europe and Central Asia have achieved higher living standards than ever before, climate change and technological disruption could severely slow down their efforts…  

Eurasia doesn’t get the spotlight it deserves -  so we created a journal of our own

Why do stories from our region often go unreported? Maybe it's because countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia have had a legacy of equality, job security and functioning safety nets. But there…  

Turkmenistan conference to shed light on development financing

Over 100 representatives from government, business, international financial institutions and commercial banks will come together to discuss Turkmenistan’s development and resource mobilization…  

What does inequality look like?

Photographer Jodi Hilton traveled to 5 countries in Europe & Central Asia to document inequalities for UNDP’s Regional Human Development Report. Here is what she saw through her lens.  

Rastislav Vrbensky: Welcoming remarks at the regional launch of the global Human Development Report

Welcoming remarks at the regional launch of the Human Development for Everyone HDR, and subsequent research workshop Istanbul Technical University, 19 June 2017  

Safety nets vital to counter rise of exclusion in Europe and Central Asia

Having enjoyed relatively high levels of well-being, the developing countries in the Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) region could see inequalities and exclusion rise sharply…  

Support of National Human Rights Institutions of Central Asia

While helping to address human rights issues in Central Asia, UNDP also helps to develop strong and independent National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) in the region, which can be powerful agents…  

Only one in five young people in the Western Balkans has a job: UN report

Urgent measures needed to stimulate job market and train workforce, says UNDP’s regional Human Development Report.  

Regional Human Development Report 2016: Progress at Risk

Global narratives on inequalities and how best to address them have not yet fully connected with the transition and developing economies of Europe, Turkey, and Central Asia. This report explains…  

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