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How one ministry is changing the lives of women and men with disabilities in Armenia

In Armenia, the government works to bring inclusivity and equality to the workplace.  

Despite some progress, marginalized Roma community still most excluded in Western Balkans

The Regional Roma Survey is the first major collection of data on marginalized Roma in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the former Yugoslavia Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Kosovo*,…  

How one man’s struggle led to a health care success in Ukraine

From one man's struggle to manage his leukemia treatment to sweeping changes in medical procurement - the landscape of health care access in Ukraine has dramatically shifted.  

Time to say goodbye to the drug crisis in Moldova

I have seen many heathy people become a candle in the wind at the blink of an eye. Such is the story of many people living with HIV in Moldova – any opportunistic infection can be fatal to them.…  

In eastern Ukraine, a glimmer of hope for women inmates living with HIV

Life for the HIV affected population in Ukraine is safer and healthier inside the prison walls rather than outside.  

Life-saving medicines to reach 3,800 people living with HIV/AIDS

UNDP delivered its first batch of medicines under a new project designed to make sure the most vulnerable people get their treatments on time.  

Kyrgyzstan: water's hidden cost

Across Kyrgyzstan, lack of access to clean drinking water presents a serious health problem in hundreds of villages.  

Reaching the margins: Fighting social exclusion in Montenegro

In Montenegro, where existing social services are still lacking, the vulnerable ones continue to face numerous barriers to social inclusion. UNDP is making social services tailored to the needs of the…  

From Kenya to Kazakhstan: Learning with new partners from Africa

Twenty-four healthcare and health-policy professionals from seven countries in Africa came to Astana for a 10-day workshop on public health organized by UNDP and the Government of Kazakhstan.  

New successes in tackling TB in Turkmenistan

A project in Turkmenistan has managed to bring about a steady decline in rates of TB infection since 2013.  

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