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Women, green recovery and digital inclusion top the agenda of regional Director’s visit to Western Balkans

Ms. Mirjana Špoljarić Egger, UNDP’s Assistant Administrator and Director of the Regional Bureau for Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States, recently concluded a five-day visit to…  

Protecting heritage, protecting environment

When a planned mini hydropower plant threatened the iconic waterfall of Jajce, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, citizens became activists in a campaign to save the river’s ecosystem from harm.  

The climate and us: the (in)visible impact in Serbia

The summer of 2021 was the fifth warmest summer in Serbia in the last 70 years. The impact was felt by farmers, villagers and urban dwellers - both physically and economically. But new technological…  

NDC preparation and implementation in EaP countries

All Eastern Partnership countries are vulnerable to the effects of climate change, for example through more frequent extreme weather events, significantly raising the importance to reduce emissions…  

EU4Climate project supports the implementation of Paris Agreement

An EU4Climate initiative study illustrates the six Eastern Partnership countries’ progress in mitigating climate change and adapting to its effects by introducing climate-sensitive policies and…  

“Don’t Choose Extinction”: New campaign raises awareness of the detrimental effects of fossil fuel subsidies

In the lead up to the COP 26 global climate conference, UNDP is releasing new research revealing that fossil fuels’ subsidies, paid for by taxpayers, end up deepening inequality and impeding action on…  

The energy transition is urgently essential - but will raise a series of justice questions

Anthony Bebbington, our next KAPTalks speaker, on the intersections of natural resource extraction, climate change and human rights.  

What are the socio-economic impacts of an energy transition?

An energy transition not only helps combat climate change, but will have socioeconomic impacts that align with our need for a green recovery post-pandemic.  

From plastic waste to education to sustainability in Turkmenistan

A Turkmen teacher tackles plastic pollution in an unusual way - bringing it into her classroom. An important issue in Turkmenistan, UNDP is working to help promote and maintain sustainable cities.  

Integrating complexity in development handbooks, with mayors on the front page

Could a “new normal” for development planning and implementation emerge that embraces radical uncertainty and complexity as a feature, not a bug?  

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