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On the trail of the snow leopard in Kazakhstan

Aleksey Grachev comes from a long line of zoologists. His great uncle Yuri encouraged him to study snow leopards, and today he runs the Snow Leopard Monitoring Centre at the Institute of Zoology.  

The energy transition is urgently essential - but will raise a series of justice questions

Anthony Bebbington, our next KAPTalks speaker, on the intersections of natural resource extraction, climate change and human rights.  

How to save a forest: A Turkish lesson

From fires to biodiversity, our management of forests is critical to the future of people and planet. A seven year, five region project introduced a new integrated way of planning Turkey's forests.  

Welcome to paradise

This new national park boasts waterfalls, hiking tracks, and ecological guest-houses.  

Precious, diverse and cutting edge: Welcome to Croatia's parks

Croatia is a small country, with a population half the size of New York city. But what it lacks in size, it makes up in gorgeous nature. Croatia has the largest area of Natura 2000 sites in Europe. 40…  

Saving the forests of Georgia – one vine shoot at a time

At biomass plant, a mass of vine shoots is sent through a briquetting device, which gets transformed into blocks and becomes the perfect substitute for coal and other fossil fuels.  

Kyrgyzstan: How can indicators help us to grow green?

Environmental conservation and poverty reduction are two of the most pressing issues facing our changing planet today. Addressing them at the same time cuts right to the heart of the development…  

Resource constraints and economic performance in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

This report explores the link between resource constraints and economic performance for countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia through the use of the “Ecological Footprint” methodology. Evidence…  

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