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Women rangers to the rescue

Brave women rangers from Tajikistan aim to save snow leopards from extinction.  

Cihan Sultanoğlu at the International Snow Leopard & Ecosystem Forum

Remarks by Cihan Sultanoğlu, UN Assistant Secretary-General, UNDP Assistant Administrator and Director of the Regional Bureau for Europe at the International Snow Leopard & Ecosystem Forum, on August…  

Montenegro makes carbon neutral tourism possible

A web-based carbon calculator is helping eco-sensitive tourists reducing their carbon footprint during their stay among the natural beauties of Montenegro.  

How are we helping countries adapt to climate change?

Impacts of climate change threaten to undermine decades of development gains and put at risk efforts to eradicate poverty. We want to show that intact ecosystems such as peatlands, permafrost…  

How can we save the Saiga?

In May, in the span of just two weeks, 134,000 Saiga antelope died in Kazakhstan. The statistics are shocking. All the more so when you realize that 80 percent of the world’s Saiga population live…  

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