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Mitigating the impact of the Syrian crisis in Turkey

May 10, 2016

Turkey’s unique geographic position with a 911 Km border with Syria, and its standing as a land migration route to Europe has resulted in the country receiving a large influx of Syrian refugees. Since the crisis began, Turkey registered the largest number of registered Syrian refugees in the world, over 2 million with numbers predicted to increase to 2.75 million refugees by end of 2016. Turkey therefore shoulders a large proportion of the overall burden of providing the global public good of addressing the plight of Syrian refugees boosting, security and stability while meeting international refugee and protection obligations.

  • 300,000 Syrian refugees live in 23 designated refugee camps but a majority are in towns
  • 260,000 jobs need to be created by 2018 to keep employment at a minimal level in Southeast Anatolia
  • The main focus of UNDP’s activities is to support highly impacted Turkish Municipalities
  • The construction of new hospitals and the addition of medical and non-medical workers could add some 18,000 jobs.
  • Building new schools could help add 20,000 jobs.

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