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Shared Futures: Youth Perceptions on Peace in the Western Balkans

Jun 18, 2021

This report highlights the voices of youth and their perceptions and experiences related to peace and social cohesion in their societies and in the wider Western Balkans region. Drawing on the voices of over 5,400 youth from different walks of life, Shared Futures shows that young people’s hopes and values are often closely aligned.

They are united in the belief that hatred and conflict are not inevitable, and they are optimistic about their role in realizing a more just and peaceful world. How we respond to this optimism is of the essence.

The study sends a strong signal to government policymakers and international organizations alike. Placing young people at the center is the right strategy – for empowering a new generation to find the solutions to challenges yet to be resolved and for creating a strong force for a more peaceful and sustainable world.

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