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ClimaEast Shifting Ground

Sep 22, 2017

Redefining the challenge of climate change by piloting low-carbon development to save ecosystems and improve the well-being of citizens in the Eastern Partner countries and Russia

Tackling climate change requires both mitigation efforts (efforts to reduce GHG emissions and minimise climate change) and adaptation actions (adjustments to accommodate the current and future effects of climate change).

Beginning in 2012, the EU-funded, UNDP-supported Clima East team worked in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, and Ukraine in developing approaches for climate change mitigation and adaptation. Highlighted in this publication, the Clima East Pilot Projects worked to show that intact ecosystems like peatlands, permafrost peatlands, boreal forests & pasture lands can have a strong and cost-effective positive effect both on climate change mitigation & adaptation.

The Clima East Pilot Projects have helped decrease greenhouse gas emissions through the restoration of pasturelands in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, peatlands in Russia and Ukraine, forests in Armenia, Moldova and Russia, as well as by replacing fossil fuel with biomass production in Belarus. The Clima East pilot projects have also served to showcase the imperative of an ecosystem-based approach – which combines issues of rural development, sustainable land management, and sustainable livelihoods – to establish community- centred solutions to climate change.

This publication examines the results achieved.

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