Labour Migration, Remittances, and Human Development in Central Asia
Central Asia Trade and Human Development
Bringing down barriers: Regional cooperation for human development and human security

Central Asia Trade and Human Development

Oct 12, 2015

UNDP’s 2005 Central Asia Human Development Report has generally been recognized as a useful contribution to the development debate in the region. The report drew attention to the potential human development benefits of improved regional cooperation in such sectors as trade, water and energy, and disaster risk prevention. It also discussed key social policy and institutional challenges common to the countries of the region.
But while these issues remain topical, they have since been supplemented by other development challenges. The craft of disseminating research and analysis has also changed, with the advent of the social media revolution. As a result, UNDP is moving from producing expensive, launched-and-done reports towards developing a series of thematic analytical papers and knowledge management platforms, with clear links to human development opportunities and challenges in Central Asia.
This is a series of papers which can be tailored and positioned, scaled up or down, depending on the interest of countries, development partners, civil society, and the private sector. They are directed at national and regional discussions on how development in the region can be made more sustainable and people-centred.

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