Roma inclusion - Regional Brief

12 Jan 2018

Roma are among the most deprived peoples in Europe. Many of the 10–12 million Roma who live in Europe still live in a state of poverty. Around 80 percent of those living in EU countries earn less than is necessary to meet their most basic needs. Two thirds of young people – a majority of them women — are unemployed or out of school, while 46 percent do not have access to toilets. Nearly half of young Roma women aged 15–19 years are married or in a union. Discrimination and prejudice are important drivers of Roma exclusion and need to be tackled systematically.

Roma poverty, which involves multiple deprivations, requires a comprehensive human development response, involving both Roma and other communities. Expanding people’s choices and opportunities to live a life they value is the sustainable foundation of any Roma-targeted intervention. UNDP is equally trusted by governments, international organization, and the Roma civil society, making it an ideal partner to achieve change in the lives of the Roma population and their neighbours.

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