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Summary of findings from SDG mainstreaming, acceleration, and policy support mission reports

May 14, 2019

‘Mainstreaming, Acceleration and Policy Support’ (MAPS) approach provides the framework within which the technical assistance provided by various UN agencies in support of SDG nationalization and implementation can be structured.

In the region covering Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (ECIS), UNDP has been coordinating efforts to bring this MAPS approach to individual countries. For this purpose, a total of 14 MAPS missions were fielded in the region's UNDP programme countries between 2016-2018.

This discussion paper is based on a review of 12 mission reports and summarizes the results of the missions carried out in the region. While different in shape and size, each MAPS mission produced an output which has been and is being used to support SDG nationalization. They also provided a process which has helped raise the profile of SDGs and the role UN is playing in supporting countries’ take on sustainable development at the national level. The missions have also shown which tools can be useful in addressing some of the new challenges linked to SDGs and the transformational efforts needed to achieve SDGs. 

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