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  • Moldova: A hospital where patients get well faster

    There’s no reason for joy when one ends up in a hospital, much less if that hospital is delapidated. Unfortunately, this is how most hospitals in Moldova look: the buildings are old and in dire need of repair, the bathrooms are miserable, and the wards have walls with the paint coming off. The Rybnita hospital in the Transnistrian region of the Republic of Moldova was no exception.

  • In North Macedonia, early warning for disasters only a swipe away

    In North Macedonia, a UNDP-supported mobile application helped reduce the risk of suffering and damage during recent flooding.

  • Attracting and retaining women in the Armed Forces have traditionally been major challenges. The Western Balkans are no different. Women only make up between 5.5 and 9 percent of the armed forces and are rarely represented in top ranks, particularly in command and management positions.

  • I woke up when I started my education again: A success story in Kosovo

    Teacher Mirsade Salihu, a 36-year-old mother of three and active member of her local RAE community, is one of only four women among the 20-member “Community Changemakers” group that comprises one aspect of this United Nations Volunteers-supported project being implemented by The Ideas Partnership in two municipalities.

  • Chicken or the egg? Young entrepreneurs in Kyrgyzstan say both

    Kalys decided to launch an egg business with a few friends and thanks to a UNDP-UNEP Poverty and Environment Initiative pilot project, his project idea was supported and they received 277,245 soms (around US $5,650) to start the farm.

  • Learning to fight early marriages in Kyrgyzstan

    Be it for economic or social reasons, the number of early marriages in Kyrgyzstan remains high. According to recent statistics, roughly 12 percent of brides in the country are under the age of 18.

  • Restoring the health of Lake Prespa

    In the past, farmers just weren’t aware of the dangers of dumping biodegradable waste and over-using fertilizers and pesticides. They dumped thousands of tons of apples into Lake Prespa without knowing it would cause serious environmental damage.

  • In Turkey, online games teach energy efficiency

    A new online game in Turkey is showing that raising children’s awareness on energy efficiency isn’t only important. It can also be fun.

  • Kazakhstan tackles its electronic waste problem

    Through an unusual public-private partnership, Kazakhstan is making changes with its e-waste

  • Bees make a big buzz in Uzbekistan

    For the past two years, A UN joint programme has been helping to sustain livelihoods affected by the Aral Sea disaster. The initiative, carried out by UNDP with other UN agencies and government partners, promotes alternative sources of income in the Karakalpakstan region.

  • Great job: A better future is working for people with disabilities in Albania

    Sidrit and other young people in Albania face great employment challenges. According to the ILO over 40 percent of Albania’s youth are unemployed. Young employees are also more exposed to the informal economy than adults. In 2009, 46 percent of all young male employees were informal workers.

  • A Joint effort: Blueberry days in Georgia

    Why work alone when you can get more benefits by joining the others? The Mikeladze blueberry plot is one of the first attempts in Ajara to set up an agricultural cooperative. With assistance from ENPARD, local farmers are weighing the risks and benefits of joining. Agricultural cooperatives are a common practice worldwide.

  • Addressing growing women’s unemployment in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Initiative financed by the European Union strengthens the cooperation between civil society organizations and local authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina to respond to the local needs such as women's unemployment.

  • Kyrgyzstan: Hello, this is Zardaly speaking

    Thanks to efforts of a local parliament member Akyl Dilshatov, for the first time in its history, this tiny Kyrgyz village now has a connection with the outside world through a satellite phone.

  •  What it takes to be a woman in local governance in Armenia

    A joint EU-UNDP Women in Local Democracy project, supports women candidates to prepare for local elections. Out of the 124 candidates that participated in the project pre-election training events, 81 were elected to local self-government bodies.

  • Regional Network of Trainers Brings Gender Equality to the Western Balkan Armed Forces

    Attracting and retaining women in the Armed Forces have traditionally been major challenges. The Western Balkans are no different. Women only make up between 5.5 and 9 percent of the armed forces and are rarely represented in top ranks, particularly in command and management positions.

  • The ‘Dobri medo’ association is just one of the more than 70 civil society organizations currently supported by UNDP through its Local Democracy Reinforcement project (LOD), with funding from the European Union. The focus of the project is to ensure social integration and assistance to vulnerable members of society in 15 municipalities and cities across Bosnia and Herzegovina. This project has enrolled 125 unemployed women have in classes taught by a team of expert psychologists, teachers, and pediatricians.

  • Bottom up disaster risk reduction in Kazakhstan

    In the lead up to The Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction, set for Sendai, Japan in March, UNDP is reflecting on a decade of support to help countries achieve the goals of the Hyogo Framework for Action.

  • Milking machines make easier work for women farmers

    Ms. Selvete Ilazi is a farmer in Shtërpcë/Štrpce, a municipality of Albanian and Serbian communities in a mountainous region of Kosovo favourable to livestock breeding. Since the conflict in 1999, she has been a single mother of three children.

  • Better ballot access to people with disabilities in Moldova

    For the first time in its history, all polling stations in Moldova and abroad were equipped with standardized electoral equipment – ballot boxes and voting booths, including for people with special needs.

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