New development agenda. New rules of the game.

The  internationally-agreed Global Goals, which aim to end poverty and protect the planet while leaving no one behind by 2030, require unprecedented joint action. New and emerging donors in the developing world, international financial institutions (IFIs), foundations, private companies and investors all have an important role to play. Bringing these actors together while making the most of their strengths is key for success.

We work in a region of middle income countries, where traditional donors’ money is becoming increasingly scarce, requiring new and more sophistical development financing solutions.

Staying ahead of the curve

At UNDP in Europe and Central Asia, we have been testing new partnership models to increase development impact in each country. We connect traditional and new donors, international financial institutions, regional organizations and the private sector together with governments and communities to solve the most pressing national development challenges.

US$80 million

Russia's contribution through UNDP for development activities in countries around the world.

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