Aid effectiveness partnerships

The new development agenda brings together developed and developing countries in an entirely new way.

Donors in the Eurasia region, like the Russian Federation, Turkey, a number of Central Asian countries, as well as the newer EU Member States, have unique comparative strengths to offer. Their recent transition to market economies and close ties with neighboring developing countries in our region make them uniquely valuable partners. Still, they share common challenges, from human resource, financial and institutional constraints to limited field presence and risk of aid fragmentation.

The Russia-UNDP Trust Fund supported pasture management analysis and evaluation of pasture degradation in Kok-Bel village, Tajikistan. Photo: Mavliuda Khodzhaeva/UNDP Tajikistan

With our extensive global presence and decades-long experience in delivering development solutions around the world, UNDP provides a unique range of tools to help emerging donors make an impact. We work closely with the Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia and Turkey to:

  • Build their aid architectures;
  • Design and deliver high-impact development solutions;
  • Strengthen their visibility as growing development cooperation partners.

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