Romania's official develoment assistance

In 2007, Romania became an EU Member State and a provider of official development assistance (ODA). Since then, UNDP has advised the Government of Romania as an emerging donor.

Since 2013, UNDP has helped Romania develop an aid architecture. Besides the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the RoAid Agency, our strategic partners in Romania include line ministries and other public institutions, development NGOs, academia and media institutions.

What we’ve accomplished:

  • The establishment of the first Romanian aid agency – RoAid: UNDP designed a new ODA legal and institutional framework, approved by the Government, covering a new ODA law, its financial and implementation guidelines, as well as structural set up, staffing and operations. 
  • Knowledge management tools for aid effectiveness, reporting and transparency: These include a development finance reporting and monitoring tool (DEVFIN), expert rosters and dedicated communications and social media channels. 
  • Improved human and institutional capacities for ODA delivery. For example, using DEVFIN as the enabling reporting tool, Romania became the first post-2004 EU accession Member State to publish data on its development cooperation activities in 2014.

Visit the RoAid webpage to learn more and to see the results of our partnership, now adopted and implemented by our national partners.

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