Turkey Partnership

Turkey’s emerging donor role in development gained momentum after the signature of a 2011 Partnership Framework Agreement with UNDP.

Globally, Turkey is a contributor to UNDP’s core resources and the co-founder of the Istanbul International Center for Private Sector in Development (IICPSD). The country also funds development projects in Least Developed Countries, such as Comoros.

In Europe and Central Asia, Turkey has supported a vast number of projects, including disaster risk reduction activities in Bosnia & Herzegovina, creation of a health procurement agency in Ukraine and activities to prevent violent extremism in Kosovo*.

Turkey co-funds UNDP’s Regional Programme for Europe and the CIS and hosts the Istanbul Regional Hub for Europe and Central Asia, opened in 2015. With its 185 top international development experts, the Hub has invested US$72 million in the period 2014-2017 into improving the lives of citizens across the entire Europe and CIS region and beyond (Latin America, Africa, and Asia-Pacific). The partnership also facilitates a great number of regional and global dialogues on the most pressing global and regional development topics.

*all references to Kosovo on this website are made in the context of UN Security Council Resolution 1244 (1999)

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