Russia-UNDP Partnership

Since the closure of UNDP’s Country Office in Moscow in 2010, UNDP and Russia have entered a new stage in their partnership, focused on Russia’s growing role as a bilateral donor.

Russia and UNDP work together to support countries in reaching their national development priorities and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The partnership focuses on deploying Russian experts at the regional and global levels, as well as supporting development cooperation on a broad diversity of themes such as trade and rural development, climate change, disaster risk reduction and HIV/AIDS.

In January 2015, UNDP and the Government of the Russian Federation signed a landmark Partnership Framework Agreement, which sets the stage for cooperation in the following areas:

  • Implementing joint development projects and programmes in developing and low-income countries around the world, with particular focus on the Caucasus and Central Asia;
  • Responding to humanitarian appeals, such as in natural disasters and conflict; and
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of Russia’s development assistance.
A newly constructed production and demonstration greenhouse in Vose district to develop the local economy, improve the welfare of the rural population and provide access to the vegetables all round a year. Photo: Nozim Kalandar / UNDP

Since 2010, Russia has allocated over US$80 million in partnership with UNDP for development initiatives in Armenia, Belarus, Cuba, Kyrgyzstan, Pacific Small Island Developing States, Serbia, Tajikistan and Zimbabwe and for humanitarian appeals in Syria, the Philippines, Cuba and Vanuatu.

In April 2015, a joint Russia-UNDP Trust Fund for Development was established, with a total capital of US$55 million until 2019. The Trust Fund supports development cooperation activities around the world, currently focusing on Eastern Europe and Central Asia. It provides funding for projects in sustainable management of water resources, area-based development, disaster risk reduction and recovery, climate change, sustainable energy and youth.

UNDP Climate Action - Russia-UNDP Partnership

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