Russia-UNDP Partnership

Since the closure of UNDP’s Country Office in the Russian Federation in 2010, UNDP and Russia have entered a new stage of partnership, focused on Russia’s growing role as a donor.

The UNDP-Russia Partnership’s portfolio exceeds US$130 million and includes the following components:

  • The Russian Federation – UNDP Trust Fund for Development (TFD) contributed over US$95 million to UNDP since its establishment in 2015, including $10 million for its Climate Window and $20 million for its Youth Window projects. Funding is provided through a call for proposals in which priority countries and thematic areas are announced. The last TFD call was held in 2020 focusing on post-COVID social and economic recovery.

    In addition to theTFD, Russia provided over $37 million for development and humanitarian interventions by UNDP. Examples of completed and ongoing projects in the region include:
    • Post-Conflict Early Recovery and Resilience in Armenia;
    • Comprehensive development of Naryn Region, Kyrgyzstan;
    • Livelihood improvement of the rural population in 9 districts, Tajikistan.
A greenhouse in Vose district, Tajikistan, helps develop the local economy, improve the welfare of the rural population and provide access to the vegetables all round a year. Photo: Nozim Kalandar / UNDP


The regional project “Knowledge Management and Capacity Building in Russia-UNDP Partnership”  provides support to the Partnership and TFD activities since 2016 by promoting innovations in expertise and knowledge-sharing between Russia and partner countries, including by facilitating the involvement of Russian experts in the implementation of development programmes around the world.

The KM project uses several mechanisms to achieve sustainable, scalable development impact in partner countries:

  1. A database of Russian experts containing 18 thematic areas linked to the SDGs with over 270 expert profiles;
  2. Experts on Demand programme to meet requests of UNDP COs’ national partners with over 80 expert assignments completed;
  3. Internship programme with 40 Master’s students who have completed or continued their assignments (including with Moscow State University for International Relations (MGIMO) parallel funding);
  4. Volunteering programme in cooperation with UNV, including Fully Funding (FF) programme for Russian nationals).

In 2018, UNV and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation signed a Memorandum of Understanding and allocated $1 million to implement Russia-UNV FF Programme for Russian nationals. The Programme contributes to building the skills and professional capacities of talented Russians who are deployed to support the work of the UN system. In 2019, the Government of the Russian Federation issued a resolution for the implementation of the UNV FF Programme for 2019-2021 and allocated $3 million ($1 million annually). For the past years 39 Russian citizens have participated in the Programme as UN Volunteers in 10 different UN entities and located in 30 countries in Africa, Asia, CIS, Europe, Middle East, Latin America, and the Pacific regions.

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