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Rethinking innovation labs could lead to development breakthrough: new report

New approaches are needed to turn public sector innovation labs into a force for change, according to new report by UNDP and FutureGov, a consultancy that works to improve public services through a…  

OPEC development fund to support energy access in Tajikistan, Kyrgyz Republic

A new grant from the OPEC Fund for International Development will help rural populations in Tajikistan and the Kyrgyz Republic get access to sustainable energy.  

Russia to help boost climate action in 12 countries around the world

The Russia-UNDP Trust Fund has approved seven projects, worth a total of US$6.7 million, to support UNDP climate efforts in more than a dozen countries in Europe and the CIS, Africa and the Caribbean.  

Evaluation conference to present most comprehensive lessons since SDGs began

Two years after the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), government officials and development experts from more than 100 countries will for the first time share global insights on how…  

Hearing-impaired students excel in Turkmenistan’s first integrated curriculum

Almost 10,000 people living with disabilities in Turkmenistan face challenges when it comes to education and employment. A new integrated curriculum is designed to ease these challenges.  

Romania’s aid agency gets a boost as UNDP, foreign ministry agree to further cooperation

UNDP and the Romanian Foreign Ministry today agreed to further their collaboration to operationalize Romania’s aid architecture.  

Saving the forests of Georgia – one vine shoot at a time

At biomass plant, a mass of vine shoots is sent through a briquetting device, which gets transformed into blocks and becomes the perfect substitute for coal and other fossil fuels.  

Turkey and UNDP reaffirm drive to fulfill Global Goals in Europe, Central Asia

UNDP and the Government of Turkey have agreed to scale up their cooperation at the country-level in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Least Developed Countries.  

Kazakhstan senate gives Global Goals stamp of approval

Senators in Kazakhstan today unanimously endorsed the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), vowing to help finance and raise awareness of the goals among the general public, and promising to integrate…  

It takes a village: Pensioners demand justice in Moldova

After the break-up of the Soviet Union, the archives of enterprises, or even of entire villages, perished. Thousands of people have paid social contributions, but as pension reform in Moldova drags…  

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