Preventing floods in Ljubinje

Jun 13, 2013

Flood channel in construction in Ljubinje

LJUBINJE, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Flooding in the town of Ljubinje is no longer a problem for more than 300 households, thanks to joint efforts of Ljubinje Municipality and the United Nations. People were illegally dumping their garbarge in the drainage ditch, which was prevented once the ditch was cleaned and covered over.

"This project addresses several problems we were facing, the prevention of flooding being the most important one," said Vesko Budinčić, Mayor of Ljubinje. "In 2006 alone, flooding created [around $60,000] in damages."

The city is now able to build an access road to a new part of town with some 300 houses. 

The United Nations is also working with municipalities to define their priotities related to environmental protection. The Municipality of Berkovići decided to protect its clean sources of drinking water for citizens in Trebesin, and the United Nations supported an initiative to protect and cover natural springs, together with the civil society organization Nešto više. This activity ensured that 320 households in the Berkovići area have a safe and protected water source.

"The goal of United Nations activities related to environmental protection and climate change is to improve environmental conditions in local communities, and quality of life," said United Nations environmental planning clerk Slađana Bundalo. "This included reducing the negative impact of flooding on the health of people living in Ljubinje, as well as ensuring safe drinking water for people living in Berkovići."

The United Nations and its partners are currently implementing 26 projects related to the environment and climate change throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a total value of over $3 million.

>> Find out more about the United Nations Programme on Environment and Climate Change, funded by the Spanish Millennium Development Goals Achievement Fund.

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