Start of KazAID marks significant transition in Kazakhstan from aid-recipient to donor

Nov 3, 2014

Kazakh Foreign Affairs Minister Erlan Idrissov and Resident Representative of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Kazakhstan Stephen Tull signed a project document that will support Kazakhstan’s Foreign Affairs Ministry in forming a system of Official Development Assistance (ODA). The establishment of KazAID will provide expertise and produce analysis of the best international practices and ODA experiences from other new donors, identifying common challenges and explore efficient solutions.

Resident Representative of UNDP in Kazakhstan Stephen Tull noted that Kazakhstan is capable of providing consistent assistance to other countries, thus strengthening its position of a strategically important country in Central Asia.

“One key aspect of this movement is the transition from being an aid-recipient in the past to being a donor. And that’s why I think this KazAID launch today is so important symbolically. Kazakhstan actually has been a significant donor, especially in the past six to eight years,” said Mr. Tull.

He noted the country’s assistance to Afghanistan in particular, including the education of 1,000 Afghan students in Kazakhstan. He also mentioned assistance was made by Kazakhstan during the humanitarian crisis in Kyrgyzstan.”    

Mr. Tull said that the idea of KazAID emerged even earlier than the 2011 consultations between the Kazakh government, UN bodies, national partners and donors.

"The political decision and a legal basis of KazAID is complete so there has been a lot of progress since 2011 and the concept on ODA was signed by President N. Nazarbayev in April 2013 after careful thought and consideration. I consider it a very good expression of a vision,” Stephen Tull said.

Kazakhstan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs said that the initiative completely coincided with the strategy 2050.

“Kazakhstan over the years of independence has been involved into ODA related or ODA similar activities. We have provided different forms of assistance to different countries amounting to more than 100 million dollars.”

The Minister also said it was essential to take well-planned steps in efforts promoting this project, considering that this area remains new to Kazakhstan.

The diplomatic corps, UN agencies and other distinguished guests attended the event.

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