Summit calls for greater solidarity among countries of the Global South

Nov 1, 2016

Countries in Europe and the CIS region to showcase examples of their best collaboration


DUBAI, UAE – Completing the Global Goals hinges on boosting the exchange of knowledge among countries of the Global South, delegates said at a United Nations-sponsored summit that opened here today.

"The growing trend among Southern countries to look not only to reducing poverty within their own borders but also to raise the development prospects of other developing countries is exhibited across a range of countries, including strong emerging economies and other South-South pivotal countries," said the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at the opening of the event.

The global South produces half of the world’s economic output, holds $5 trillion in reserves and accounts for 47 percent of global trade, of which about half is South-South trade. Despite the strong performance of many developing countries, poverty eradication remains the greatest challenge facing Southern countries, even the fast-growing emerging economies.

According to a report to be presented by UNDP during the Expo, countries in the Europe and CIS region have been working together actively to find the most effective solutions towards boosting economic growth and eliminating poverty.

Their collaboration is exemplified by construction of new trading infrastructure such as the Europe-Caucasus-Asia transport corridor, the inauguration of new centers of excellence for improving governance or the organization of study tours on issues such as access to energy or water.

UNDP’s promotion of South-South and Triangular Co-operation has risen steadily in recent years, from around 270 projects which utilized South-South Co-operation in support of development results in 2013 to around 690 in 2015.

Since its inception in 2008, the Expo has actively showcased and promoted best practices from hundreds of partner countries, United Nations agencies, private-sector enterprises and civil society organizations.


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