EU initiative to boost rural development in southern Moldova

Nov 15, 2017

Communities in southern Moldova will be eligible to apply for financing from a range of EU and other instruments

More than forty municipalities in the South of Moldova will begin to implement a European Union (EU) initiative that aims to mobilize local authorities and citizens to boost local economies and improve access to public services in rural areas.

The communities will be eligible to apply for financing from a range of rural and regional development instruments of the EU and other development partners.

“The EU-LEADER approach may bring considerable changes in the daily life of people in rural areas by supporting the implementation of innovative initiatives for development of localities”, stated Iva Stamenova, Project Manager, EU Delegation to the Republic of Moldova, during the event dedicated to the signing of the Partnership Agreements.

Through the scheme, 8 local groups will represent local authorities, businesses and civil society, establishing formal partnerships and identifying and implementing local development actions. All have developed their own 5-year strategy to solve local challenges.

The project proposals are focused both on economic and development and the most feasible of them will receive EU support. 

The first LEADER program started in EU Member States in 1991. Since 2013, it expanded to include EU pre-accession and neighboring countries.

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