The Government of Russia today approved an additional US$8.3 million dollars to support UNDP’s youth and climate-related programmes in Central Asia and the Southern Caucasus.

The funds will help increase access to sustainable energy and reduce disaster risk from Armenia to Tajikistan. It will for instance introduce climate smart irrigation and mudflow protection measures in Kyrgyzstan, help modernize Armenia’s hydrometeorological service – key for monitoring extreme weather events – and strengthen the resilience of farmers in Uzbekistan’s Fergana Valley.

The contribution will also support efforts to promote youth-led businesses across Central Asia, including in areas considered key to diversifying local economies through new technologies. Russia will continue to promote volunteerism in the CIS, including through the UN Volunteers with which it already has a strong collaboration. For the first time, Russia will also finance a programme to strengthen youth skills in Cambodia.

With a total of 10 additional projects approved today, the UNDP-Russia Trust Fund now consists of 29 Russia-funded initiatives worth over US$38 million.

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