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It is well documented that income inequality is on the rise, with the richest 10 percent earning up to 40 percent of total global income. The poorest 10 percent earn only between 2 percent and 7 percent of total global income. In developing countries, inequality has increased by 11 percent if we take into account the growth of population.

These widening disparities require the adoption of sound policies to empower the bottom percentile of income earners, and promote economic inclusion of all regardless of sex, race or ethnicity.

Income inequality is a global problem that requires global solutions. This involves improving the regulation and monitoring of financial markets and institutions, encouraging development assistance and foreign direct investment to regions where the need is greatest. Facilitating the safe migration and mobility of people is also key to bridging the widening divide. 

Goals in action

UNDP in Europe and Central Asia

“They erase us, like we don’t exist”: LGBTI people tell of struggle and resilience in the Western Balkans

A new platform, OutSpoken, goes live as country profiles show enduring violence, discrimination, stigma and exclusion of LGBTI people in the region. MORE >

UNDP in Albania

Virtual reality brought me into the world of a strong Roma woman

What did I know about Roma? When we started to think about making a virtual reality film about Roma, it was with the idea to transcend the clichés... MORE >

UNDP in Uzbekistan

No one carries water in this Uzbek village...anymore

Suffering from an outdated water system in disrepair, a village in Uzbekistan found a sustainable solution to accessing safe drinking water. MORE >

UNDP in Montenegro

Reaching the margins

The number of old, lonely and ill people unable to meet their own basic needs continues to grow in rural areas. UNDP is tailoring social services tailored to the needs of the most vulnerable, to reduce social exclusion. MORE >

UNDP in Georgia

Life on the Edge

An initiative in the Shida Kartli region, that borders the conflict divide with South Ossetia, is helping people find stability, economic growth, and hope for the future. MORE >

UNDP in Bosnia and Herzegovina

When opening the tap is a first-time experience

A long-term project is working towards reforming and improving a problematic water supply system throughout the country. MORE >

UNDP in fYR Macedonia

Seeing the bright side of mushroom cultivation

Kate has 80% visual impairment, but she can see white objects in the dark. Her brilliant entrepreneurial idea is using this as a strength. WATCH >


UNDP in Europe and Central Asia

The return of the Eastern European middle class

Keeping inequalities down will require measures to protect the region's booming population of HIV-positive men and women. MORE >

UNDP in Albania

A Step Towards Social Inclusion

For Roma and Egyptian communities, social exclusion remains the persistent cause leading to higher poverty levels. Hear voices from members of these communities. WATCH >

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