Sustainable development


The Europe and Central Asia region has experienced the highest increase in socioeconomic inequality in the world over the last 20 years.  Almost 30% of the population in the Europe and Central Asia region either live in or are at risk of living in poverty.

Most countries face rising inequalities, diminishing social protection and a decrease in male life expectancy, while the informal sector is expanding, and migration is on the rise. These inequalities are increasingly understood to undermine prospects for sustainable development through a multitude of channels


UNDP helps ensure that economic growth benefits everyone, including those at greater risk of exclusion (ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, internally displaced persons, rural populations, women and young people). By opening opportunities for participation in development, and protecting natural resources, we support a sustainable balancing of human and environmental priorities.

US$560 million

The amount of export contracts UNDP's Aid for Trade initiative has helped negotiate in Central Asia, mostly in the agricultural sector.

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