Sustainable development

Green economy and natural capital

Progress today cannot occur at the expense of future generations.  This requires us to focus on much more sustainable forms of production and consumption.

A Turkish women's cooperative has made a business out of traditional products, with all production powered by solar energy.
Farmers received grants to introduce beneficial agro-ecological practices in the Strumica River Basin.
New integrated pest management systems using predatory bugs improved yields in Kyrgyzstan 31% in the first year.
In Uzbekistan, biogas-heated greenhouses reduced 330 tons of Co2 emissions.

UNDP’s approach emphasizes the critical links between environmental sustainability and efforts to eradicate poverty, reduce inequalities, and strengthen resilience.  We do this by:

  • Promoting the development of green products and value chains which could be scaled up and integrated into global value chains;
  • Developing data that takes the environment into account;
  • Promoting fiscal reform and alternative financing measures which can direct much-needed resources to environmental activities;
  • Assisting policy-makers to integrate poverty and environmental issues into their development planning.

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