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New World

Central to meeting the expectations of the SDGs is the need for individuals, organisations and companies to come together to find solutions. Through partnership, groups with complementing skills and resources can combine their knowledge to overcome challenges. This is the spirit in which UNDP and Coca-Cola launched their partnership programme - New World: Inclusive Sustainable Development Initiatives.

Since 2015, the programme has encouraged civil society organisations to find innovative and sustainable solutions that improve access to water and sanitation, manage water resources, and empower women and young people. Through its work, the programme has benefitted hundreds of thousands of people. It has helped women develop business skills and establish companies, encouraged young people to become agents of change, piloted novel water access and management solutions, and improved access to sanitation.

The programme is implemented through a series of call for proposals to NGOs, community-based organizations, or directly by UN/UNDP Country Offices across Europe and Central AsiaSouth Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

The Eldivan Women’s Cooperative in Turkey has made a business out of traditional products, and all production is powered by solar energy. Photo: Karen Cirillo / UNDP

What have we accomplished?

  • 44 projects have been supported in 19 countries. 
  • US$4.5 million have been committed in grant funding 
  • 300+ communities were targeted through project activities
  • Over 200,000 people directly and over 1.5 million indirectly have benefited from project interventions
  • 3.5 million m3 water have been replenished.

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