Sustainable development

Inclusive and sustainable growth

Inclusive and sustainable development is crucial to reduce poverty in all its dimensions. Many people are excluded from mainstream development because of their gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, disability or poverty.  No one can be left behind.

Everyone has to be given a chance to participate in and benefit from development. Creating the conditions for inclusive and sustainable growth must include all three dimensions of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental.

Creating the first protected marine area in Albania means development can be sustainable for tourism and fishing industries.
Businesses in Uzbekistan and Central Asia have grown their business in both employees and exports, with the support of the Aid for Trade program.
A dairy factory in Kyrgyzstan not only generates new business but gives local farmers an opportunity to sell their milk.
In areas that border conflict divides, like the Shida Karli region of Georgia, UNDP gives security, infrastructure and vocational training support.

In the region’s mostly middle income countries, UNDP works to:

  • Support the design and delivery of comprehensive employment strategies to tackle jobless growth;
  • Help reform public employment services to reach the vulnerable in order to promote more inclusive labour markets;
  • Support policies to implement social protection floors and minimum income guarantees;
  • Address social exclusion by addressing multiple barriers to inclusion;
  • Promote gender balance in the care economy, freeing up womens’ time and creating more employment opportunities;
  • Support alternative models of social services provisions, including social enterprises as a way of expanding both employment and services for the vulnerable; 
  • Promote a resilience-based approach to local municipal development in the face of migration;
  • Use of big data to inform policy makers on market trends and niche products that generate employment;
  • Promote policies that diversify markets towards green products that create sustainable jobs and livelihoods;
  • Work to close the gap between industrialized countries and developing countries in terms of market intelligence and access to technology to support and sustainable growth.

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