Sustainable development

Supporting the SDGs

 As the UN’s development arm, UNDP has a key role to play in supporting countries in the Europe and Central Asia region to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This means advancing prosperity and well-being for all (including those most at risk), putting societies on a sustainable development path, boosting resilience and protecting the planet.

UNDP, in collaboration with other UN agencies working in our region, is helping countries to implement Agenda 2030, under the acronym ‘MAPS’ (Mainstreaming, Acceleration, and Policy Support).

Mainstreaming generates awareness of the SDGs amongst all relevant actors and helps governments incorporate the agenda into their national plans, strategies and budgets.

Acceleration focuses on identifying critical constraints to faster progress and focusing on the actions which produce the most impact across sectors.

Policy support provides advice across a wide range of areas ranging from poverty eradication and reducing inequalities to access to water, climate change and disaster risk-reduction.

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